3rd February  - 19th March  2017

Fran and I have responded in very different ways to the Main Street subject of this exhibition. My work consists of small 3D studies of some of Braidwood’s old heritage buildings while Fran has a series of ink and wash drawings of contemporary life in the street,  some painted wooden panels and a set of robust works depicting a very different but prominent feature of Braidwood’s main street – the great trucks that thunder through the town!

The 3D drawn studies are quite a departure from my usual work but share an interest in form and the details that make things distinctive.  They are my interpretations of the buildings not scale models.  I have omitted details that for me didn’t add to the character of the building or detracted from the overall form and I chose for harmony and cohesion to work with a natural palette that doesn’t relate directly to specific colour schemes or finishes.

Each work is built around a recycled timber core cut to size.  The verandas and facades are mainly made of balsa assembled and then attached to the core.  The surfaces are drawn with colour pencil on fine art paper, cut to fit, sealed and then glued in place.

In making these small works I have grown much more fond of the old buildings than I had been when I started the project. The process forced me to really look at them – work with them in a sense – and understand how they have become what they are today – the additions, modifications, impacts associated with changes in use and the effects of the passage of time.  I see them now not just as buildings but as a vital part of what connects me to the history and stories of the place I call home.

The exhibition is open until mid March so if you’re in the area do check it out.  Altenburg and Co is open from 10am to 4pm Thursday through to Saturday.

Above:  Marianne Courtenay – ‘Len Mutton’s’  3D drawn study. – wood, paper, colour pencil, gouache, wire. 10cm high x 11cm wide x 2.5cm deep.

View the sculptures here