Contour 556
October 5 – October 28 2018

Marianne and  Canberra-based artist Bev Hogg collaborated again for Contour 556 this time shifting their focus from making work from organic gathered and found materials to a work made from plastic waste highlighting the harm such materials cause to nature and the environment.

Food for Thought up-ends the Adam and Eve storey of temptation and the Fall of Mankind. Here the human figures, already enmeshed in the waste of consumer society tempt the natural world – the serpent, with ‘food’ from the modern world with all its negative implications.

Plastic waste collected from around the lake was incorporated into the work along with household waste and additional plastic from food outlets, supermarkets and building supply retailers.  The work is installed beside the lake at the eastern end of Bowen Park.

Contour 556 2018 follows on the success of the inaugural event in 2016.  It has grown to include work by over 60 local, national and international artists who, in the words of its initiator and curator Neil Hobbs, were ‘chosen for their ability to engage with the physical, cultural and historic Canberra landscape’.

There is a supporting catalogue and an events program listing the full program of what’s on throughout the month.  A good place to start a tour of the works is at the information centre at ‘East Space’ Gallery, Commonwealth Place – just below and to the east of the National Library on the lakeside walk. There is also a website at

Above:  Marianne Courtenay and Bev Hogg – ‘Food for Thought ‘ – (detail)  2018
Below: Marianne Courtenay and Bev Hogg - ‘Food for Thought’  2018 Figures: life-size, recycled plastic waste on wire armature; Serpent: woven and plated plastic waste, head on wire and waste polystyrene armature. 8 meters long. 2018