21st October – 13th November  2016

Today Bev and I installed our sculpture Growing Ground in Bowen Park, Canberra, beside Lake Burley Griffin. It looks beautiful.  We hadn’t realised that the wind would make the grass sway and ripple and so to our delight the piece has a quite ‘alive’ feel to it!  Now let’s see how long it survives – but today at least the weather was with us – warmer than it has been, sunny, and with no more than a strong breeze blowing in across the lake.

For help with this installation our very special thanks to Robert Crombie.  Robert made what could have been a complicated exercise flow smoothly – with his help it was indeed ‘a picnic in the park’!  Thanks also to Bruce and Brigitte Edwards who let us pick Kangaroo Grass on their property and ensured that the paddock was stock free until we’d finished; and to good neighbours Anne Sanders and John Walker who shared their garage all winter with over 70 bunches of drying grass that wouldn’t fit in Marianne’s Braidwood studio.   And finally congratulations to Neil Hobbs, the organiser of Contour 556.  Neil’s energy and drive are well known but this time he has really pulled out all stops.  The Festival now has an amazing list of supporters and sponsors as well as a wonderful lineup of artists and performers. We hope it will become an annual event and a dynamic contributor to the Canberra Arts Scene.


For more information on the Festival, artists and works check out Contour556 on Facebook

Above: Bev Hogg and Marianne Courtenay with Growing Ground at Bowen Park, Canberra
Below: Marianne Courtenay & Bev Hogg Growing Ground - approx. 370cm x 370cm x 64cm, wood, grass and wire.