GAEA SUITE Marianne Courtenay Sculpture



‘All my work relates in some way to the world around me. Within this framework there are two interconnected themes that inform much of what I do. The first is to do with the paradoxes, dichotomies and contradictions in the way we relate tour environment. How cultural perspectives and individual experience shape our outlook – what we ‘see’ and what we don’t notice; what we value and what we dismiss or fail to understand.

The second theme relates to the passage of time and how things change and evolve with the impact of the elements and the cycles of hours, days, seasons, years and eons. And the ways in which we respond to and interact with these changes. What we remember and what we forget. What’s ephemeral, what endures, and how things transform.

Over recent times climate change has increasingly brought these preoccupations to the fore as we grapple with the consequences of our actions and inactions and their impact on the future well-being of life on earth as we know it.’

Braidwood 2020