Main Street  

Most of my work is concerned with the natural world so these small 3D studies are a departure from my usual subject matter. But what they have in common with all my work is a love of form – the shape of things and their defining details. They are not scale models. Rather they are my interpretations of some of the familiar features of our main street. I have omitted details that for me didn’t add to the character of the building or detracted from the overall form and I chose for harmony and cohesion to work with a natural palette that doesn’t relate directly to specific colour schemes or finishes. For me, the making and drawing has been a pathway to a much deeper affection for Braidwood’s old buildings because it forces you to really look and look again until you finally see and understand what it is that gives each structure its own special character.

Constructed and drawn 3D studies



Growing Ground

An ephemeral collaborative work with Bev Hogg made for Contour 2016 Canberra’s new bi-annual public art festival on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffith. Growing Ground references both the original grassy woodlands of the Canberra area and the overlay of patterns of land-usage that accompanied European settlement – boundaries, fence-lines, paddocks, the earth ploughed, furrowed and planted. It also contrasts these pasts with the present mowed and manicured locale.




An on-going collaboration with Bev Hogg. Groundwork evolved from the exploration of ideas and processes around both artists’ respective practices and a common interest in working with natural materials.

Thematically the works are about holding and valuing the natural world – of taking essential elements of garden or bush-land – fallen sticks, gravel and clay and translating them into semi-ritualistic meditative works that speaks of growth, wholeness, and also vulnerability.