The Tree in Changing Light

A series of collaborative prints by Marianne Courtenay and Kathryn Orton. Two printmakers, innumerable layers of ink, countless surprises.

This collaboration evolved out of a shared love of trees – their presence in the landscape, forms, textures, changing moods, their sense of spirit and place – and specifically, out of a morning spent drawing a stand of ancient angophoras in the bush above the Araluen valley, on Marianne’s property.

Working to an agreed format and (ever expanding) colour range, both artists independently translated these and other studies into printed works on paper. Then the prints were exchanged and the artists continued developing the images, printing more layers over each other’s work.  In some cases the prints were exchanged again and worked further by the other artist. Along the way there were numerous discussions and digressions.

The final result is a set of works, which while standing independently as separate images, are far more than the sum of their parts when assembled together.

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Gaea Series

This is an ongoing series exploring the forest and surrounding area where I live. I am interested in drawing on small details and the minutiae of the forest that are easily passed over or ignored and rearranging and magnifying these in ways that give them a heightened significance – a sense of ritual importance.

Pigment prints. 50 cm square.
Printed on archival Rag Etch paper.
Each in a limited edition of 20.


fragments series

The Fragments series arose out of an initial discovery of broken china dating back to the gold-fields days of the 19th Century and extended into an excursion into family, memorabilia and memory. The circular form gathered up the dissembled fragments into a re-assembled domestic shape – possibly a plate – which seemed a suitable metaphor for ideas of fragmentation, re-gathering and memory.

Pigment prints 50 cm square.
Printed on archival Rag Etch paper.
Each in a limited edition of 20.


The Little Creek Series

Little Creek - 4 Seasons
This series of four works is a variation on traditional Japanese woodblock printing traditions and subject matter. Each image involves four separately carved woodblocks and in the tradition of Japanese screens the images link together to make a continuous line, moving through the seasons from Winter to Spring to Summer and finally Autumn. They also connect vertically as in the second version shown below.

Little Creek Four Seasons block

Woodblock prints.  Each image 25 cm x 34 cm
Printed on handmade ‘Silk on banana’ paper  in an edition of 15.



Printhie: Nine Views of Mt. Canobolas

Printhie : 9 Views to Mt. Canobolas

This work continues my preoccupation with the passage of time – the great age of this country and how it endures despite the enormous changes that it has undergone. Mount Canobolas is one of the main symbols of the Orange area and I used the central mass of the mountain to convey this sense of continuity – while the land use and seasons change, the mountain remains constant and impassive. The use of a series of views of the mountain also draws oblique parallels, albeit ironic, with one of the great works of classical Japanese printmaking – Hokusai’s Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji.

There are two versions of this work. The first version, Nine Views of Mount Canobolas, was produced for the 150th anniversary of the City of Orange – the artist’s proof is in the permanent collection of the Orange Regional Gallery. The second version, Printhie – Nine Views of Mount Canobolas, undertaken for Printhie Wines, also in the Orange area, comprises two new works and the reworking of seven images from the earlier work.

Pigment prints. Each image 41 cm x 58.5 cm.
Printed on Hahnemuhle 300gsm. Edition 20.

Individual images: