Proof: 24th March – 20th April 2016

Opening at the Spiral Gallery, Bega on Thursday evening 24th March at 5 pm.

Proof is a printmaking term for testing an image before the final printing.  It is also a word that means evidence, authentication and demonstration.  And indeed this exhibition by 18 distinguished printmakers is evidence and proof-positive of the strong artistic communities that thrive outside the support of our major cities.

For Marianne and Kathy the exhibition is an opportunity to show some of the works from their Tree in Changing Light series, an on-going collaboration started in 2013.  The collaborative process involves both artists making plates in a range of different media – linocuts, woodblocks, collagraphs and stencils, printing them, and then swapping the prints which are then overprinted with a plate by the other artist. In some cases the prints are then swapped again and further layers added.  The result is a series of beautiful, multi-layered works, each one unique.  They look wonderful individually and when grouped together form stunning composite pieces.

Exhibiting artists:  Tony Ameneiro, Kathy Atkinson, Linda Bottari, Betty Bray, Marianne Courtenay and Kathryn Orton, Lynne Flemons, Dorothy Freeman, John Hart, Fran Ifould, Liz Jeneid, Patricia Jones, Robyn Kinsela, Julie Krone, Phoebe Middleton, Lucia Parrella, Sandra Shrubb, Slavica Zivkovic.

more information here, or go to the Spiral Gallery website

 Image:  Marianne Courtenay  and Kathryn Orton –  (detail) The Tree in Changing Light  63  unique state collaborative print 47.5 x 79cm 2013